Trans-Fuzja Foundation is a Polish organization established in 2008 with an aim to support trans people in Poland. Within a few years the foundation has moved from a support-only approach, to a politically engaged organization with specific goals concerning the legal, social, economical and human rights situation of transgender people. After a few years of functioning, Trans-Fuzja became a recognizable expert organization working on (trans)gender-specific issues.

Creating an inclusive organization

In 2013, having had already experiences with other communities, Trans-Fuzja changed its statutes to include intersex and gender-viariant persons in its mandate and to work on gender identity, gender expression, intersex and other gender/sex status. The organization's Board also decided to include matters of asexuality in its mandate, recognizing that transgender, intersex and gender-variant people represent a vast scope of sexual orientations and identities. Statutes are available in Polish at transfuzja.org/pl/artykuly/misja_i_statut.htm.

Online presence

Trans-Fuzja Foundation administers a website (www.transfuzja.org), which is considered the biggest informational source on the subject of transgender issues and human rights of transgender persons. It is also active on Facebook at facebook.com/FundacjaTransFuzja.

The office

The organization is based in Warsaw, with support groups in other cities, aiming to advance its activities even further
In 2012 the organization received its first core funding grant and was able to move into an office, creating the first transgender, intersex and gender-variant safe-space in Poland. Even though the organization's target group were transgender people mostly, meetings held in the new office have brought a diverse group of people, whose identities and experiences go beyond the concept of transgender, hence the organization is planning to identify the needs of the intersex community to have them included in its strategic and work plan for the upcoming years.

Cooperation with other organizations and institutions

Trans-Fuzja Foundation is dedicated to cooperate with other human rights actors, whether state or non-governmental. Hence the organization is involved in many coalitions and NGO groups, such as the Coalition for Equal Opportunities, the LGBTQI NGO Coalition, the Commission for Social Dialogue of Warsaw city. It also cooperates with the Polish Human Rights Defender's Office and the Ombudsman for Children.

Membership in international organizations and networks

Trans-Fuzja is a member organization of ILGA-Europe, TGEU, ANSO, IGLYO and the KARAT Coalition, and has a well-developed network of international contacts (organizations and individuals) both in Europe and in the US. Its newest strategic allies are the OSCE and the CoE LGBT Project.
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