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The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights supports pro-health actions for LGBTI people

The main objective of FRA is to research situation of various excluded social groups of European Union. This time the agency decided to focus on people discriminated against based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or intersex status and the problems they encounter in accessing health services.

The workshop took place in the seat of the agency in Vienna on February 29 and March 1. The event was attended by representatives of associations of health practitioners, international organizations (e.g. European Commission, World Health Organization and United Nations Development Programme), health policy makers as well as academia and civil society organisations.

The meeting was focused on determining healthcare fields that lack proper measures to identify their most urgent problems and diagnosing healthcare related groups that need proper education or institutional support in LGBTI issues. FRA’s main goal as a European Union’s institution is to connect experts of different fields and international human rights organizations.

Trans-Fuzja Foundation was represented by its president. Wiktor Dynarski was asked by the organizers to present results of ‘Transgender and healthcare in Poland’ research from 2014 as well as outline the general situation of transgender people in Poland, particularly in the areas of access to resources and services and current gender recognition procedures in context of Andrzej Duda’s presidential veto from last year

Although the meeting was focused on broad aspects of LGBTI issues, FRA invited a very large and strong representation of groups working on behalf of non-cis people in particular. This is a clear sign of a symbolic support for gender identity and gender expression issues, and intersex status, as well as a willingness to work on providing proper healthcare access for these groups in the European Union.

Trans-Fuzja Foundation was one of many transgender and intersex organizations that attended the meeting, such as Fundacion Daniela (Spain), Organisation Intersex International (working in the European Union), Transgender Equality Network Ireland (Ireland), Queer Leben and TransInterQueer (Germany), Transgender Infopunt (Belgium) oraz Transgender Europe (working in the Council of Europe and the European Union).

A new report on views and experiences of public officials on the rights of LGBT people in 19 countries of European Union was also launched by FRA in European Parliament on March 16.

All gender restrooms were available for the participants of the meeting.
edpublicated: 2016.03.18



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