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‘Equality before the law is not in the interest of the running government’ – Trans-Fuzja Foundation writes a letter to the Polish President

On March 3 Trans-Fuzja’s president took part in NGOs meeting with President Andrzej Duda regarding government’s actions against the Constitutional Court. Today, we publish Trans-Fuzja's Management Board position on the matter.

Warsaw, April 29, 2016

dr. Andrzej Duda
President of the Republic of Poland
Wiejska 10 
00-902 Warszawa

Trans-Fuzja Foundation – an organization acting for transgender people – was one of the signatories of the memorial entitled ’10 theses on the nature of the conflict, the need for compromise and the direction of reform of Constitutional Court’.

Wiktor Dynarski, our president, took part in the meeting with Polish President that took place on March 3. The meeting was held in order to stave off the conflict over Constitutional Court.

Unfortunately, after observation of further actions of President and the Polish Government towards Constitutional Court, we regret to conclude that there has not been any satisfying improvement in actions of the state authorities that would show government’s willingness to compromise - etiher in this case, nor in other subjects important for our society.

Last year you have vetoed an act on legal gender recognition that was meant to civilize the process of gender reassignment for transgender people. Not only was it the first veto of your tenure, but also the first, clear sign that equality of transgender, bi and gay people vefore the law is not in the interest of the running government of Poland.

As a nongovernmental organization we refuse to legitimize actions taken by the current authorities against the legal system of our country. There is no consent for the disrespect for the basic constitutional order. 

To conclude, we would like to inform that as an organization we will no longer participate in any efforts of Polish President to develop so called ‘compromise’ on the Constitutional Court.

On behalf of Trans-Fuzja foundation board
Wiktor Dynarski

The report on the meeting that took place on March 3 is available on the website of the President’s Office.
edpublicated: 2016.05.31



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