Working Areas

Trans-Fuzja's activities concentrate on four major working areas: advocacy, support, education and culture.

Advocacy activities focus on the abolishing all forms of discrimination of transgender, intersex and gender-variant persons in Poland, with a special focus on gender recognition, access to healthcare, discrimination and right to privacy. It also incorporates cooperation with the authorities to change current practices and laws that could work against human rights and best interest of transgender, intersex and gender-variant persons. Local advocacy activities are coordinated by Trans-Fuzja's President Lalka Podobińska. Wiktor Dynarski takes care of the international section as the Vice-President for International Affairs.

Trans-Fuzja organizes a number of support activities – support group and social events, individual consultations (online and offline), free-of-charge counseling and legal aid. These activities are coordinated by Edyta Baker and Piotr Stoczniowiec, two other members of the Board. The work of the counseling group and support groups based in Warsaw are specifically coordinated by Julia Kata.

Educational activities are consisted of mostly workshops on transgender, intersex and gender-variant issues. These are aimed both at providing necessary, elemental knowledge on the topic as well as specific issues, often aimed at educating various professionals – teachers, psychologists and students. These are coordinated by Lalka Podobińska. Educational activities often incorporate lectures, panel discussions and campaigns. The organization is also dedicated to advise students who show interest in researching trans* topics. These matters are coordinated by Wiktor Dynarski.

Trans-Fuzja also promotes transgender, intersex and gender-variant culture. It promotes and gives patronage to events touching the subject. The organization is also responsible for organizing the Miss Trans contest. These activities also incorporate various demonstrations and manifestations, such as yearly Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil.
edpublicated: 2013.03.24



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