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  • Groundbreaking Court Decision in Poland on Gender Recognition Abroad
  • On June 1, a court in Warsaw issued a decision that allows a Polish citizen, who transitioned legally in Germany, to change her personal data (gender marker and first as well as last name) without obtaining a transsexual diagnosis and going through a civil court case in Poland.
  • ‘Equality before the law is not in the interest of the running government’ – Trans-Fuzja Foundation writes a letter to the Polish President
  • On March 3 Trans-Fuzja’s president took part in NGOs meeting with President Andrzej Duda regarding government’s actions against the Constitutional Court. Today, we publish Trans-Fuzja's Management Board position on the matter.
  • The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights supports pro-health actions for LGBTI people
  • The main objective of FRA is to research situation of various excluded social groups of European Union. This time the agency decided to focus on people discriminated against based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or intersex status and the problems they encounter in (...)
  • No place for trans people in Poland? Trans-Fuzja Foundation comments on Jarosław Kaczyński's statement
  • A day before the pre-election silence, the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice) party leader, who is said to majorly win the elections this Sunday, clearly showed again that he does not understand what trans issues are and also does not have any knowledge on gender recognition in Poland.
  • Presidential veto upheld. Polish Parliament did not vote on the Gender Accordance Act
  • Today, two Parliamentary Committees, the Committee for Health and the Committee for Justice and Human Rights, which were supposed to report their position to the Parliamentary Assembly and advise either to vote down or uphold the recent presidential veto, were not able to reach an agreement before t (...)
  • #No2TransVeto - Trans People in Poland Speak Against Presidential Veto
  • Stanisław, Sonia and Eweryst are three among many trans persons in Poland disappointed and angry about the recent veto by President Andrzej Duda of a new gender recognition legislation. They decided to tell the world what they as Polish citizens need and require from democratically elected authorit (...)
  • President Andrzej Duda vetoes the Gender Accordance Act
  • It is with our deepest regrets to inform that yesterday President Andrzej Duda vetoed the Gender Accordance Act and denied trans people in Poland their human rights, treating them as second-class citizens.
  • Polish Senate Passes the Gender Accordance Act with Unnecessary Amendments
  • Friday, August 7 marked the day the Polish Senate passed the gender recognition legislation, changing its na,e to “Gener Marker Change Act”. It is a great victory for trans people in Poland who were waiting too long for new regulations that will finally end the need to sue their parents in court (...)
  • Polish Parliament makes trans history
  • On Thursday, July 23 lower chamber of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), passed the Gender Accordance Act, the country's first gender recognition legislation in history. Being part of a long parliamentary procedure and under constant criticism and attacks coming from conservative media, after its initial (...)
  • The Gender Accordance Act DRAFT
  • Please note that this document is an unofficial translation created for international advocacy purposes by the Trans-Fuzja Foundation.
  • The 2009-2013 LGR report
  • A Report on Court and Administrative Procedures is now available for download
  • Donate to Trans-Fuzja!
  • If you want to support our work for transgender equality in Poland, you can do so easily by donating to our cause! You can do so via bank transfer, credit card or Paypal!
  • Help us create a short trans* video for Poland!
  • Since 2008 Trans-Fuzja Foundation has been supporting the Polish transgender community, working to change the anti-discrimination law and to change the current legal gender recognition procedures. You might have already heard about us thanks to Anna Grodzka and if not – let us welcome you to our c (...)
  • An international view on gender recognition – summary of the conference organized by Trans-Fuzja, the Council of Europe and the Polish Human Rights Defender.
  • On November 5th, an international conference "European Standards and Good Practices in Gender Recognition" was co-organized by the Trans-Fuzja Foundation, the Polish Human Rights Defender’s Office and the Council of Europe’s LGBT Project.
  • - Working Areas
  • Trans-Fuzja's activities concentrate on four major working areas: advocacy, support, education and culture.
  • - situation
  • Important issues for transgender, intersex and gender-variant persons in Poland
  • - about
  • Trans-Fuzja Foundation is a Polish organization established in 2008 with an aim to support trans people in Poland. Within a few years the foundation has moved from a support-only approach, to a politically engaged organization with specific goals concerning the legal, social, economical and human ri (...)
  • Letter to the russian Duma on the proposal to ban the so-called homosexual propaganda
  • On December 18th, 2012 Trans-Fuzja Foundation has issued a letter to the russian Duma to, once again, bring to light the absurd of such legislation.
  • Warsaw discusses the needs of legal changes in the Polish gender recognition process
  • On April 21st, the „Gender under control” conference organized by Trans-Fuzja Foundation, with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation took place in Warsaw. The event was organized under official patronage of the Polish Human Rights Defender, prof. Irena Lipowicz.
  • Polish government soon to take on gender recognition
  • On November 16th 2011, the Polish Vice-Minister of Justice Zbigniew Wrona declared that new regulations for transgender people are in need.
  • Poland's key transgender activist to become a member of the new parliament
  • Official results of the Polish parliamentary elections show that Anna Grodzka, the president of Trans-Fuzja Foundation, will become the world's third transgender MP.
  • Poland to experience its first transgender hate speech lawsuit
  • On Saturday, October 2nd Anna Grodzka, the first openly transgender person to take part in the Polish parliamentary elections, has declared a civil lawsuit against Tomasz Terlikowski, a right-winged publicists who has, as Grodzka put it, disrespected her and thousands of Polish transgender citizens (...)
  • Polish Ombudsman inquires the Minister of Justice on the problems concerning gender recognition
  • On August 5th 2011 the Office of Polish Ombudsman, prof. Irena Lipowicz, has issued a detailed inquiry to the Minister of Justice, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, on the current procedures allowing transgender people to have their gender legally recognized.
  • Trans-Fuzja's contribution to ILGA-Europe and TGEU report on gender discrimination in employment and access to goods and services
  • ILGA-Europe and Transgender Europe have issued a monitoring report regarding access to goods and services (Directive 2004/113/EC) and employment and occupation (Directive 2006/54/EC). Both Trans-Fuzja in Poland and TransFúzia in Slovakia have contributed to the report.
  • Intervention at the Polish Ministry of National Defence
  • KPH and Trans-Fuzja intervene about discrimination of trans people regarding access to military service
  • Trans-Fuzja Foundation on the 3rd Transgender Council
  • The TGEU conference on transgender people's political situation in Europe will take place since today, September 30th till October 3rd.
  • Meeting with the Polish Ombudsman
  • On August the 13th, 2010 Polish Ombudsman prof. Irena Lipowicz met with Polish LGBT organizations' representatives, including Trans-Fuzja Foundation.
  • Annual activity report for 2009
  • Annual activity report for 2009
  • Contact Our Foundation
  • The International Cooperation Department
  • Transgender rights in Poland – good practices of the Trans-Fuzja Foundation.
  • We have started our supporting activity by organising different self-help meetings and activities, which were supposed to be a brief introduction to the transgender problem, but it has rapidly come to our attention that it is not enough.
  • From 1989 to...?
  • -
  • Annual activity report for 2008
  • Annuall activity report 2008
  • Trans-Fuzja conquered Torun!
  • Invited by the Torun detachment of Campaign Against Homophobia, the Trans-Fuzja mobile assault team comprised of Voca and Zzuzzu, on December 15th set out to Torun, to carry out transgender workshops there. Such workshops took place in May 2007, also by an invitation from CAH. Here is a short accoun (...)
  • Homosexual Propaganda Rally – A happening against stupidity
  • Have you ever heard about homosexual propaganda, a subject so noticeable for the last year or two? If you live in Poland, you surely have. But then, same as we, you do not know what is it all about. One thing is certain – it is similarily unsuccesful as the rule of our previous governement. Oh, an (...)
  • Transpeople milieu and situation in Poland
  • When it comes to Poland, it’s hard to speak about a strong and consistent gay-lesbian scene, much less about any kind of transgender community. The society has very little knowledge about the very existence of such phenomena as transsexuality or transvestitism, and if someone has heard anything ab (...)
  • Orlando - Virginia Woolf
  • Chapter 4##With some of the guineas left from the sale of the tenth pearl on her string, Orlando bought herself a complete outfit of such clothes as women then wore, and it was in the dress of a young Englishwoman of rank that she now sat on the deck of the “Enamoured Lady”.
  • 2007.06.11. A crossdressing happening 'A Boy and a Girl - a Family OK.'
  • A happening within the framework of The Antihomophobic May Picnic####Participants: ##- Antiguy General of Poland,##- The Campaign Against Homophobia Wroclaw (KPH Wroclaw)##- Trans-Fusion##- Freelance advocates of queer movement
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